5.0 rating

This was the best Amazon FBA course out there I definitely give Kevin a five star review and I haven’t needed to purchase any other courses and just the Facebook community is really worth the investment.

Lisa K.
5.0 rating

I was making sales on Shopify but not profitably and when I found Kevin David’s Shopify training course of course I immediately bought and with the softwares and the tips and tricks I got a 6X ROAS. This was after two years of not seeing significant results on shopify.

5.0 rating

For anyone that’s thinking Amazon FBA is not real or impossible. I used to work at a coffee shop for five years before I ever heard about making money online and I invested in the course and studied it at night. It was really easy for me to start seeing results and eventually I use the information to do this type of marketing for fortune 500 companies in my town and I’ve been making more money online now consistently for three years than I would have in 10 years at my job.

Sam L.
5.0 rating

You have to put in the work if you want to be successful with Amazon FBA, Shopify, or Facebook ads. If you aren’t working 60 hours a week you will never make $1 million. If you’re going to take the course then write down what you want to achieve from it and how much time you’re willing to sacrifice. I went on to do 100K a month in sales with my Amazon FBA store.

Phillip A.
5.0 rating

I lost my job and was on Youtube and watched Kevin David‘s Amazon FBA training webinar and I took a chance to doing something I’ve never done before and within 30 days I had my first results and now after six months later I don’t need a job and I wouldn’t go back to one.